District 35-N

District Governors Message

District Governor Dudley Bent

My Fellow Lions,

The District meeting on January 25th 2014 in Pt St Lucie was a delight to all those who attended. We only have one more District meeting which will be on March 22, 2014 in Aventura. Oh, and don't forget the Spring Conference on March 6-9 2014. Please make your plans to attend.

Lions Quest was launched in The Bahamas on February 20, 2014 with presentations to three (3) primary schools, one 1 middle school and one (1) high school. Plans are in the making to have ten (10) teachers join us in Orlando during the Multiple District Convention for a Lions Quest Workshop. The First Lady and now I can say Lion Celestina have started a library at the Lewis Yards Primary school. Thanks to the Lions who donated books, the $550.00 that was collected at the Winter Conference was also of great help.

The District has won its second Dream Achievers Award, thanks to all the Lions who helped make this a year a membership success. As we approach the end of this Lionisitic year, our efforts will continue to work towards the strengths of the District. If your club needs assistance please contact the District GLT or the GMT coordinators. By bringing in new members, more opportunities are given to service minded individuals to be involved in projects and to serve their communities.

Please remember the following information: elections of club officers for 2014-2015 should take place during the month of March so that you may complete your PU 101 form in April. May 1-4 2014 is the MD Convention in Orlando where we will elect the District Officers for the next Lionistic year. We will also have the District Luncheon and awards presentation.
Club Presidents and/or Club Secretaries, please remember to complete your MMR reports and activity reports so everyone knows the good work that your club does. Also, remember to pay tyour Club Dues as soon as possible. Let's make this year 100% with ALL clubs having their dues (International, Multiple District and District) paid on time.

Heres to a Happy St Patrick’s Day to all...

DG Dudley Bent
District 35-N